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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Something that ought to be said...

In my previous post, there might have been a touch of the gloat on the failure of Martin Frost to retain his Congressional seat. Chalk that up to my giddiness on Kerry's close-but-no-cigar run last night.

While it's true that I share little of Congressman Frost's ideologies, I do greatly respect the man. He's had a long career in the House, 26 years, if my memory serves, and nary a hint of scandal in all that time. He's been strong on defense, and worked tirelessly to keep jobs in the D/FW area. He was instrumental in passage of the nationwide AMBER alert plan, and has been, in truth, a fairly moderate Democrat.

I wish Mr. Frost and his family well in the future. He can now go pick up a few bucks now in the private sector, and prepare for a Lieberman/Frost "Jews Are Great In 2008!" campaign ticket. Hell, I might even toss my bagel in the ring for that race. Gotta be better than a Shrillary/Boxer ticket.