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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sunday Night Roundup

Or, All The Print That Didn't Fit...

Just finished the season for Survivor:Vanuatu. Chris Daugherty, the highway construction worker from Ohio, just won the million bucks. I sometimes have a hard time believing I'm still watching this silly show. I caught the last five episodes of Season One, was glued to the TV for Seasons Two & Three, pretty much lost interest for the next 3 seasons, but picked it back up the in the Pearl Islands series. That one was pirate themed, so it pretty much kept me watching going into the All-Stars series. By this time, my Thursdays are set in stone, Survivor, CSI, and then off to blogsurf. That's really all the TV I watch these days. Once HBO fires up the new seasons of Deadwood and The Sopranos, I'll start watching those again, but I gotta say, the freed-up time I'm not spending staring at the idiot box is really coming in handy.

While most guys seemed to be sucked in by Eliza's huge eyes, or Ami's gigantimous breastesses, I was focused on Leann Slaby's piercing eyes and razor sharp cheekbones. OK, and the smokin' hot body. Like Garth Algar said, "She makes me feel all funny, like when you climb the rope in gym class!"

Wanna see for yourself?

MmmmmMmmmm! That's some kinda tasty Wisconsinite, right there!

In other news...

Dash Riprock has got his blog "The Boiling Point" up and running. He was nice enough to email me some blog feedback, and while I won't pull a Sally Field moment like I did for this guy, I will most happily plug his blog! Give him a read! I need to ask him if he listens to this band, or whether he's pulling the name from the old Flintstones cartoon. Dash, you'll get a link on the blogroll real soon. I'm working up a "Texas Blogs" category, but it'll take another few days.

Dash is precisely correct in whether I know what TANSTAAFL is! I first read about it way back in high school in R.A. Heinlein's masterpiece 'The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress', and recognized it at once for the genius it was. I was most pleased to find a bar in Arlington, Texas called TANSTAAFL. It's kinda dingy and out-of-the-way, but they pour honest drinks, and have great bands. What more could you ask from a watering hole? Actually, most of the "two-bit sleazy dives" along Division in Arlington are pretty cool places. I'd much rather hang out in a blue-collar working man's bar than a yuppie mating preserve. If you ever want a guided tour of the best spots to tie one on in Arlington, TX, give me a holler, and buy me a tank of gas to get there and a hotel room to crash in. One benefit of the 5 year degree plan was that it gave me lots of time to seek out every place that serves alcohol within 10 miles of the UTA campus. See, Mom? I DID learn something!

Xmas gifts are mostly purchased, but the cards need to be done, but that's what quiet afternoons at work are for. Things die down during the holidays, mostly. I finally got all the goodies together for Jeenyus, Rockhauler, Zippo and Little Bee-Boy, so those get sent off in the mail this week. I don't have nearly the surplus coinage for gifts like I had during my tech support days. Government jobs shaft you on the front end, but make up for it in the pension. Assuming they're still solvent in 2030, that is. Still, I got enough to spread some cheer, which is my favorite part of the holidays. Can't wait to hear what people's reactions are.

On the home front... My Ghost Recon gaming buddies are used to me calling an occasional halt during our run & gun sessions so I can grab the binocs and pull my Dirty Old Man routine when the jailbait hottie next door is out taking her bikini for a walk. I know, it's kinda sad & pathetic, but if wimmen dress up in three bandaids and some dental floss, and then expect men to just ignore them, then they really are from another planet. It's not like I'm taking pics of her, THAT would be perverted! Plus, the zoom on the camera ain't all that great. Hehehe! Jeez, I'm going to hell...

Anyway, Little Miss Hardbody went to a modeling competition in Florida. I never thought she was all that good looking. Kind of a 'butterface', really. (Everything's great but her face!) Plus, I've seen her do some pretty unglamorous things over the years. The ol' snot blow, where you plug up one nostril and spew goo out the other. The indifferent way she treats her sisters. The late-teen 'tude she throws at her mom. Those sorts of things.

She's in this competition with 3000+ other girls. Damned if she didn't come in first place. Now little nose-blower has got offers on the table from Milan, Paris, New York, & Tokyo. Ho-Leee Sheee-It! Apparently she's "The New Look". Guess the fashion world needed some teenage fundamentalist mucus-flingers.

I'm poking fun here, but I really am happy for them. That family has ridden the ragged edge of poverty for the better part of 20 years. The dad sired 6 or 7 kids (hey, they move quick! I never got a good count) before he died of brain cancer. Maybe now she can bring home something other than horny teenage boys in loud pickup trucks. Or, maybe she'll turn out like this useless twat. Let's hope not...

OK, that's all for now, kiddies. El Capitan's tired, and the cat still needs a brushing. Adios!