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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.

$(%&*^#$%)*(&@#$()*&#$)*(&@#$&*(@#$)(*@#($*!@_!~!!!!! (#$()*#$%*(#$()!!~!!!)_#$*(%$*()%#$*()!!!!!!

That, translated, means your good buddy Cap is absolutely pissed off beyond belief.

3 months of work down the shitter, thanks to Legal weighing in at the tail end of the project instead of at the beginning, when we initially consulted with them concerning this venture.

Back in November, they were all over it, patting us on the back and giving us high fives. They loved that my department was going to go out on a limb and make an effort to improve services over the entire city.

Now, 9 days before the launch date, someone in Legal gets cold feet, and they're pulling the plug. I've already sent stuff out to the print shop, the notices had been issued to the major players, everything was on (or ahead) of schedule. My first big accomplishment at the new job is now spiraling down in flames.

$%&()*#&$_&@#()$*^_&*#)$*@#_$()*@#*(&$@*!!!!! ($)%&*(_)(#$*$_*(#_@()*&#$&*$)#(%!!!!!!

OK, I'm a bit better now. I do need a big glass of whiskey over ice, right now, lest my temples rupture and spew goo over the walls. Damn. Still 6 hours to go until I get off work. I ain't gonna make it.

BTW, do you know why lawyers wear neckties? It keeps the foreskins from rolling up over their faces.