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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Peel-Off Automotive Paint

Bah! Johnny-come-latelies! I had this idea years ago.

Back in my long-haired tye-died dope-smokin' days I used to tool around in the Mondo Gonzo Tripmobile, a 1974 Dodge Dart sedan that got periodically spray-painted in a rainbow of day-glo colors. Naturally, a tie-dyed longhair in a tie-dyed car got hassled by The Man quite a bit. So, I started looking for camouflage.

You know those flexible magnetic decals you get from take-out pizza shops and stick on your fridge? I shopped around until I found a vendor that sold sheets of that stuff. My plan was to cut panels to fit all the sheet metal on the car, label them on the inside (LFF, RFF: Left Front Fender, Right Front Fender, and so forth...) and stick them all in a big stack on the inside of the trunk lid. Then, when I needed to go covert, or just be able to travel between Dallas and Houston without getting pulled over 12 times, I would just pull over, slap on the magnetic panels, and go on my merry way.

No, it wouldn't hold up to close inspection, but it would get you past the speed trap.

Unfortunately, the cost of that much magnetized decal material was worth 3 times as much as the car, and weighed about 100 pounds all together.

I ended up cutting the long hair, and spraypainting the car in flat brown Rustoleum. Worked like a charm! No more hassles!

Found at Engadget.