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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

There And Back Again

I've been a little tardy in posting about the weekend's excursion. I requested the day off yesterday, and took full advantage of the ability to wallow in slothfulness and have no reason to feel guilty about it. Plus, I was a bit sore! 10 years ago, it was nothing to spend all weekend in a car, driving hundreds of miles and then jump out and be ready and rarin' to go. Now, I find that spending 5-6 hours perched in the driver's seat tends to lead to some unwelcome strain on the ol' posterior.

I finally had cause to change a tire on the Caddy on the trip up there. About 5 miles out of Midlothian on 287, I picked up an unwelcome intruder in the tread of the front passenger Goodyear, and didn't get my speed down quick enough to save the tire. By the time I could get safely off the highway, the tire was a smoking shredded wreck.

I'll say this, if you're going to break down, do it outside a small town in Texas! I had no sooner gotten the Caddy up on the jackstand when two truckloads of Good Ol' Boys came pulling up, and insisted on making themselves useful. Good Ol' Boys live for that kind of thing. Hell, they wouldn't even let me touch the jack handle once they were on the scene. Somewhere in the process, a lugnut got away from us, and if you were rolling down that stretch of 287, and saw 5 guys bent over combing through the grass, that was us.

Making things even more convenient was the wheel & tire shop right across the highway. We managed to get the donut spare on (and it promptly began leaking air. When it rains, it pours!) and I made it across the busy highway and into the shop just 5 minutes before closing time. This place was pretty grimy, and one of those shops you'd avoid, given a choice. Still, with a flat tire and flat spare, you learn not to be picky. The owner doesn't spend a lot of money on paint or brooms, but he's got a good crew that gets the job done. New replacement tire, mounting & balancing, and fixing the spare came to a flat $50. Can't beat that! They even came up with a replacement lugnut. Now my Caddy's got a bit of bling! All the other lugnuts on that wheel are rust-colored. The spare they had on hand is a big ol' chrome one, so long that I can't get the hubcap back on! Hehehe, it's like a big shiny tooth in that wheel! So, props and a plug to Sardis Tires in Waxahachie, TX, on the S side of Hwy 287.

I got to meet Rockhauler for dinner Saturday, and Jenni & Barry for lunch on Sunday, which was all kinds of cool. I don't get to hang with them nearly enough. A funny thought struck me as we were jabbering away. My parents were having lunch with friends of theirs at the same time at another place across town. They've known Phil & Carolyn for 40 years. With that much time tucked away, they're more than friends to Mom & Dad, they're really family. I thought how cool it would be in 30 more years to have that relationship with J&B. Sure, we'll look like the Addams Family, since I'm heading full-tilt towards Uncle Fester-hood and Jenni will make a good Morticia. Barry? With his short hair and carved cheekbones, I'm thinking a shorter, more vocal version of Lurch! No sign of Andy or Zippo this trip, but the Texas Blogfest is in 3 weeks, so I'll see them then.

Yes, I did get my 7-11 fix! Had a Cherry Cola Slurpee and a plain Cherry Slurpee. Too bad I couldn't pack them for storage! I'd fill my freezer! Slushes from Sonic are OK, but just not the same. Icees are an evil thing. Nothing beats a Slurpee!

I fixed several food joneses I'd been having, too. Had Irish Nachos & a mushroom burger at J Gilligans with J&B, and also ate at Razoo's (Cajun fare), Weinerschnitzel and at Taco Bueno (Like Taco Bell, only edible & it won't haunt your colon with unnatural spirits later). Damn, we need those places in Houston! I noticed Arlington got a Steak & Shake, too.

A good trip, barring the need to be there. More on that later.