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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Need Some Assistance

I need to cast my knowledge net a little wider than my own cranium, so I'll toss out the question, and hopefully someone out there can answer it.

I'm looking for this knife:

But.. not that knife exactly. It looks very similar, but the knife pictured is a cheap knockoff, and not the one I'm looking for.

A bit of background: Back in the late 80's I worked for a man that had one of these Bowies mounted on a plaque on his office wall. I offered to buy it, but he wasn't selling. I had many opportunities to handle it, and I remember the following things.

The rounded ends of the quillons had a 5 pointed star engraved or stamped on them.
It was made (to the best of my recollection) by Parker Cutlery.
The blade is as thin and light as it looks in the picture. This is not a heavy bone-chopper like the Case Bowies, this one's meant for slicing necks and running in under the rib cage.
I'm fairly certain there was an Alamo or Texas commemorative logo embossed on the blade.

Anyone ever see one of these? I saw one with the plaque at a gun show in Houston several years ago, but it was at the 3rd table I stopped at after walking in, and I didn't want to blow my cash before I saw everything. Naturally, when I returned it was already sold.

Any help is appreciated! Muchas Gracias!