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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

NOR Beauty Contest??

Well, Sort Of...

KDT reminded the assorted crew of fusileers over the weekend that this year's Miss World contest is running, and that it would behoove us to pick a top trio, mail the results in, and let him tabulate what sort of female the Nation Of Riflemen crew finds most splendiferous.

For my ever-changing tastes, the results were a bit of a surprise. Normally I lean heavily towards the Central & South American contestants, but this year in El Capitan's private pageant, Miss Denmark took the crown while Miss Canada and Miss Philippines took #2 & #3, respectively.

I always feel a little weird about not going with the hometown favorite, but this year's Miss USA just didn't tweak any knobs. Guess I just felt like a little Danish instead of some apple pie...

So, go have a peek at 100+ wimmens, pick your top three, and after reading his instructions and editing out your salacious droolings, mail in your picks! He'll get the results up PDQ.