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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Blogfest BBQ

Where The Elite & Discrete Greet & Eat Meat

OK, some details are here, but here's the complete skinny on the Friday evening hoedown at this spring's Texas Blown-Eyed No-Hippie-Havin'-But-Otherwise-All-Inclusive Naughty-Bits-Wavin'-In-The-Breeze Blodger Thingamabob.

We've got reservations for the Blodger crew at The Salt Lick for 40 bloggers at 7:30 pm on Friday April 28th.

Map and directions are here.

Menu and prices are here.

THE SALT LICK IS CASH ONLY!!! BRING A WAD OF GREENBACKS!! They do have an ATM onsite, and I'll kickstart a shylock biz for the evening at 1000% interest, compounded hourly. I'll need your firstborn for collateral, though.

We ought to try to head out that way late Friday afternoon whenever the mood strikes us, then tailgate until everyone gets there. They'll only hold our reservation for 15 minutes, so when 7:30 strikes, we gotta head inside. If you show up late, we'll try to save a few seats.

Speaking of tailgating... You can bring a cooler/ice chest into the parking lot and inside the Salt Lick, but liquor bottles are verboten. Be VERY discreet if ya gotta have yourself some likker drinks. All the traffic-control guys are off-duty sheriffs!

Spread the word, guys. No one's managed to empty out their smokers yet, but this crew could just maybe do it...