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Sunday, April 16, 2006

"The Last Supper"

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Amazing what you find rooting around in old hard drives. Came across this pic of "The Last Supper", the infamous bachelor party of the "AndyChrist" way back in the dawn of time.

Andy was soon to be married, so we took him out and got him suitably loaded beforehand. Of course, Andy being Andy, we couldn't just go to any titty bar. Oh, no. We had to go to Britches & Bloomers, Arlington's only lesbian bar.

I'm not sure quite what the usual patrons thought of us invading their domain in order to bless the union of two heterosexuals, but they went along with it. Rumor has it there's a couple of pictures of Andy standing in frozen delight as two Lipstick Lesbians used him as a cat-scratching post, but you know how those ugly rumors get started!

Lot of history in that picture. I'm in it, Andy (with the silver halo) is naturally in it, as are Rockhauler, the Limey Bastard, Alvis, and one or two others I've mentioned here in the blog.

Heh. The "AndyChrist" and his 12 disciples. That'll take you back. (OK, I know there's 14 in the picture. We have no idea who the dude on the far left is. He just kinda joined in.)