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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

O for 3

#4 Isn't Hardly Worth Mentioning...

Well, today's truck buying expedition was a complete bust. I'm too PO'ed to go into great detail, but here's the rundown.

Bear in mind all trucks are some variation on the Dodge Ram Club Cab pickup, with mileage in the 75000-90000+ range, and priced between $5000 and $9000.

#1 - Located about 5 miles north of Humble, which means its 30 miles outside of downtown. The guy *KNOWS* I'm on the way, 'cause we talked on the phone just prior to my leaving. I get within a mile of his house, call for directions, and am told that someone showed up with cash 30 minutes earlier and he didn't want to lose the sale. (*&^#$%*#&^$@*&^#*@&$^)@#(*$!!!!!!! Effin' wasted trip.

#2 - Sales guy leaves us out in the hot sun while he searches for the keys. We eventually ooze inside before we melt away, and are told that there's a problem with their key security system, and they can't get access. After waiting 15 minutes, we get up to leave (I have to be back at work) and finally learn the truth, a salesman kept the keys from a showing last night, failed to return them, and he's not in today. They offer to cut keys if we'll wait 30 minutes. I say my time's worth $75 a minute, and I'll stay if they take it off the truck. No deal. We leave. It had bald tires anyway.

#3 - The "Bargain" model. Located in a shabby dealership lot over by the Hardy Toll Road. Looked like someone used it as a golf ball target. No, wasn't hail damage. Only the sides were divoted. Paint severely faded, engine sounded spiky, and there's a hole in the dashboard that looked like an Alien chestburster had exited after spawning in the AM/FM stereo.
A/C barely worked. Just a poor bargain, especially considering the high mileage. 0 for 3!

BONUS!! #4 was the bonus we spotted on the way back to the office. 97 model, completely beat to shit. Giant dent in right rear quarter panel, tailgate looked like it had been used as a dozer blade for clearing hedgerows in Normandy. Interior full of burn marks and heavy smoke smell, tears, dings, etc. The immaculately clean engine and new tires couldn't make up for the 128000 miles and the $6700 price tag.

We're back at it on Saturday, which means I'll miss the LAN party with Zibig, the Cisco Kid and the Radioactive Oncologist.

I forgot how much I dislike car shopping...