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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Soapy Cat Feet

Where's My Leather Gloves & Hockey Mask??

Wouldn't a front-loading clothes washer work as both a cat-bathing apparatus, and a treadmill to exercise the animal? Just as long as you take her out before the high speed spin cycle starts...

I am *so* not looking forward to tonight. I finally remembered to get some flea shampoo, and tonight Betsy Cat gets a bath.

We've been fighting fleas for a while now. I'm still not sure how indoor cats got 'em but they did. Betsy Cat's infestation is about 10 times worse than Pookie Cat's. I don't know if she's just the tastier cat, but I can barely find any fleas in Pookie Cat's fur. Betsy Cat, OTOH, is just bitten all over, and the nasty little fuckers are all over her skin.

I applied the spot treatment, and it finally seems to be taking hold, but the fleas are fighting a desperate rear-guard action. Neither cat will tolerate a collar for long, so I picked up some flea shampoo, and we're gonna see how well I can maintain a grip on a soapy pissed-off cat in the kitchen sink.

The directions say to lather up the cat, then let the shampoo sit in the fur for 5 minutes. They've got to be out of their freakin' gourd. I figure I've got all of 30 seconds before that wet squiggly cat rockets for the far reaches of the house, after leaving a trail of bite marks up my arm.

Wish me luck...