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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Buy A Gun Day 2008

Put Your Tax Refund To Good Use!

There's a new addition to the household!

I've actually had this revolver for a little while now, but for one reason or another never posted about it. I guess I'm just turning into one of those paranoid types that prefers to keep the outgoing info on my "arsenal" to a minimum!

Most of my handguns are single actions. I don't know that I intentionally planned it that way, but it made it somewhat inconvenient when circumstances dictated that I needed more of a carry gun than my little 5 shot Charter Arms .38 Special.

So, I started shopping for a .357 Mag, preferably by Ruger, preferably stainless. What can I say? I'm a revolver kind of guy.

Lo & behold, this stainless Ruger Speed Six showed up at Collector's Firearms:

I put it on layaway, and slowly trickled the shekels into the piggybank until I could spring it loose many weeks later.

I'd post a picture of the target I shot when I took it out to the initial range session, but I'm way too embarrassed. It looks like it was hit with numerous buckshot rounds from 50 yards out. Suffice to say, I need to get used to shooting double-action, and keep that muzzle from creeping up and to the right as the lockwork does its thing.

It's quite manageable shooting 125 grain JHP rounds. I completely forgot to open up the box of 158 grain rounds, but those aren't that seismic. I'd like to try the 180 grain Cor-Bon loads, but I think I'll get a shooting glove purchased before I touch any of those off...