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Thursday, April 03, 2008

El Cap:2 - Crazy Old Cat Lady:0

Don't Phuck With My Phelines!

The SPCA dropped by Casa del Capitan for an inspection, as was threatened by the Crazy Old Cat Lady recently.

The kitties were summoned via the Magical Magneto-Sonic Cat Attractor (can opener), whereupon they were scooped up and handed to the SPCA drone.

SPCA drone spends all of 15 seconds looking at each cat before saying "No problem here!" and heading for the door.

Thanks to all who suggested various plans of revenge towards the Crazy Old Cat Lady.

I think I'm going with my own plan, involving a SuperSoaker watergun filled with essence of dog-in-heat, which will spray on her ankles when she comes near the window. To be amorously pursued by every horny dog in the subdivision strikes me as quite appropriate for a Crazy Old Cat Lady.