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Monday, April 28, 2008

Qleaning Up The Quotes

Next Time, It's All Disney!

It just occurred to me that I hadn't posted the three remaining unguessed quotes from the 2nd Movie Quote Meme. Actually, I'm fairly certain someone did guess them at one point, but when you let things drag on as long as I have, it all starts to get hazy...

Oh, Walrilla got some right, but emailed them into a black hole where I ignored them for two weeks. Lo siento, hombre! Just want to give props where they're due!

A: Come on, Frank. What are you doing?
B: What am I doing? I'm quietly judging you.

This was Tom Cruise and some bit player in 'Magnolia'.

A: You travel a lot?
B: Yeah.
A: Traveling makes you lonely?
B: I'm alone, I am not lonely.

This was Robert DeNiro to his love interest in 'Heat'.

A: As spokesman for some of the younger turks, I'm supposed to invite you to lunch, in celebration of your approaching greatness.
B: Oh Christ, today?
A: Come on, executive bonding! Raucous, unfunny jokes. And we'll kiss your ass in the hopes you'll mistake it for affection.
B: How degrading for you. I'll be there. What time?
A: Twelve thirty. Bring your ass!

This was Michael Caine to a co-worker in 'A Shock To The System'. (If you haven't seen this one, go rent it!)