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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Taxes Are Done!

I Haven't Seen A Refund In 7 Years...

I finally put nose to grindstone and got my taxes done. Fully 5 days before the due date this year, so I'm improving!

I came out ahead this year to the tune of $560. OK, I really overpaid and let the gubmint use $560 of my money interest-free for a year, if you want to get nitpicky.

I won't see a dime, of course. My outstanding tax bill from the great 401k Cashout of 2002 will be reduced by $560 instead, and the collection letters will subside in tone from HarpyShriek to Mild Rebuke for a few months. This will put the outstanding tab down in the three digit range, so if I'm diligent and pay them a smidgen every month, I might see a refund next year.

Or, I continue to give them the finger for another year or two, and the bill will eventually resolve itself.

Y'know, it's not very financially wise to avoid paying 'em off, but it's a lot more soul-satisfying knowing you're not jumping through hoops for the Infernal Revenooers.

The finger it is!!