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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wow, It Got Quiet Really Fast!

Turns Out They're Religious Nutballs After All!

Listen to the deafening silence after the pundits have scampered back into their holes!

Up until the news broke about the dozens of teenage pregnancies among the children pulled from that LDS compound out in west Texas, I was reading quite a bit about "jackbooted thugs" and "excessive force by the government", etc. Commentators were saying there was insufficient evidence to raid the compound, and isn't it just awful that those poor LDS mothers (in their Gibson Girl getups) had their precious children whisked away!

Well, chalk one up to the jackbooted thugs. They appear to have called this one correctly.

From the news article:
More than half of the teenage girls seized from a West Texas polygamist sect are pregnant, have children or both, state officials said Monday.

Thirty-one of the 53 girls ages 14 through 17 are either mothers or expectant mothers, said Stephanie Goodman, a spokeswoman for the state's Health and Human Services Commission.


There also is one pregnant 13-year-old, "but most are in the 15 and 16 range at the time they conceived," Azar said. "Some teens have multiple children.

Multiple children... Sweet sufferin' starfish sandwiches...

There is NO excuse for a 13 year old girl being pregnant. I'd make the argument that there's no reason for any girl to be pregnant until she's legally an adult. I know, that's wishful thinking on my part, 'cause kids are gonna play "hide the salami", just like they have since the dawn of time. This is different, though. This isn't kids having sex with other kids. This is adults raping children under the guise of being in a "spiritual marriage".

I'd sure like to debate some adult who feels it's OK to have sex with a child because "God says it's OK". I'd have to start the debate by shooting him in the kneecaps, but after we got past that preliminary event, I'm sure we'd have a lively discussion...