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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Is Your Cat Minty Fresh?

At Least She Stayed Out Of The Listerine...

Pookie Cat was sleeping peacefully on one of the office chairs, so naturally I had to scoop her up in order to tickle her pink toes and quiz her on late 20th century Chinese Communist dictators. She's not much of a history scholar, but she mostly gets that one right. (MAO!!!!!)

In the process, I noticed she smelled better than usual. Sort of... minty clean. WTF?

I held her close as she yowled, and sure enough, instead of fishbreath, I'm smelling a distinctive wintergreen aroma. Someone has been brushing this cat's teeth with Pepsodent...

As she struggles to escape, I notice she's got something blue on her belly fur. While she amuses herself by sinking fangs into my wrist, I probe her belly to find the remainder of a wad of toothpaste that's been mostly licked clean.

Miss PudgyGut must have been up on the bathroom counter, and found herself something amusing to roll in. No doubt I can expect to find a nice pile of blue cat vomit in the near future...

I don't recall any toothpaste spills, but I'm not fully awake during the morning hygiene process. For all I know, the cat has learned how to squeeze a toothpaste tube.