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Friday, May 23, 2008

More Clueless Co-Workers

Reminder: 1/2 The U.S. Is On The Bottom Side Of The I.Q. Distribution.

Some unnamed person that looks a lot like me (must be my evil twin) left a note on the breakroom fridge and over by the mailslots...

Hello, (Department Redacted) Employees!

I know we're all getting used to living in a hi-tech environment, but occasionally we have to interact with a relic of past technology, and I'm afraid from what I've observed, not everyone has remembered how it works.

In the freezer section of the breakroom refrigerator, there are these old-fashioned plastic gizmos that look like a bunch of tiny cups set in a rectangular frame. These are called ICE TRAYS.

If you fill these with water, then place them in the freezer and wait a few hours, the water will magically transform into ICE! You can then dump the ice trays into the ICE BIN (the large white bucket in the freezer) and then take a glassful of ICE CUBES so you can enjoy a frosty cold beverage.

Now, it appears that most folks have managed to figure out the Dump Ice, Take Ice, Have Frosty Cold Beverage part of the process.

Unfortunately, there's a breakdown in the ice making cycle. The ICE TRAYS do not fill themselves! I apologize profusely for not having the wherewithal to install an automatic icemaker in the fridge like most people have grown accustomed to in their homes. All I could afford was a stack of Dollar Store ice trays, but I assure you, they generate ICE CUBES just like your home icemaker if you'll complete one tiny additional step!

After you perform the Dump Ice, Take Ice, Have Frosty Cold Beverage part of the process, please please PLEASE take just one more minute to refill the trays with water, and place them back in the freezer. I know I'm being completely unreasonable to ask you to carry a small tray of water an incredibly arduous journey of 6 entire feet across the kitchen floor, but hard work builds character, and you'll thank me for it one day.

So pretty please, with sugar on top,


Many Thanks, Muchas Gracias, Molte Grazie, Shukran, Xie Xie, Tusind Tak, Merci Beaucoup, Danke Schön, Domo Arigato, Muito Obrigado, Bolshoiy Spasibo!!!!

Poor unnamed person probably get lambasted at the next staff meeting for not respecting other worker's right to be lazy f*ckheads.