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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

Ranting & Raving To No Real Purpose

Regarding the pinheads that are "allergic" to WiFi. These poor suffering pansies feel that the new municipal WiFi service is making them piss their britches and forget who they are for three days or something equally dire.

Y'know, if WiFi could cause these problems, how exactly have they been able to stand living with TV? Radio? Cell service? Electricity? The EM emissions from the sun?

Probably just some Luddite hippies looking for a payout. Fuck 'em. Tar and feather these assholes and stuff 'em in an outbound Greyhound bus cargo bin.

Regarding the Islamo-pinheads that are upset that their employer wants them to wear a uniform consisting of trousers and a shirt instead of their usual 'flowing skirts and scarves'.

Was I the only one that paid attention during the safety films in shop class? Raise your hand if you can tell the class why wearing 'flowing skirts and scarves' in an industrial environment is a Very Bad Thing...

Probably just some CAIR flacks and jihadists looking for a payout. Fuck 'em. Let 'em get sucked into the commercial tortilla press. Heavy chain-driven belts, superheated dough-squishers, smoky-hot cooking plates. Should turn 'em into a reasonable facsimile of pita bread or chapaties or whatever it is they eat in Somalia.

Regarding the pinhead scriptwriters responsible for 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'. Was that the best you could do? I mean, really! They paid you how many million dollars, and that's what you came up with? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Regarding the pinhead cops that found it more rewarding to ticket motorists instead of arresting that skank-ass ho that was loitering at the gas station the other night asking every arriving customer "Joo wan' me to suck yore deeeck? Twenny-fi dolla!". The store owner had only called 5 times trying to get a response, yet between the gas station and my house I spot 4 cops issuing tickets to cars. Protect & Serve, Ossifers...