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Friday, May 30, 2008

Vintage TV Quiz - SOLVED!

Something New Here At The Zoo...

Howdy, Y'all!

I was doing a bit of websurfing, and ran across a website dedicated to a TV show from a while back. I watched it quite a bit as a kid, mostly because I was too young to notice how crappy it really was.

This show, like many others from the era, was from a time where they cast television roles based on if you could actually act, not based on how attractive/sexy/willing to get nekkid an actor is. As a result, you look at the cast these umpteen years later, and your first thought is, "Wow, there's a shopworn set of old fogies..."

The Quiz involves a Villain-Of-The-Week from the show. I had serious nightmares for about a month just from seeing this episode, and truth be told, they still creep me out a little.

So, based on these pics of the icky beasts, can you name the TV show?

Good luck, and pleasant dreams!

And NO, they're not the Sesame Street "Yip Yip" Martians!!


Dan Hamilton correctly ID'ed the show as Space 1999. Flygirl gets awarded Miss Congeniality for noticing the cheap "Dr. Who" effects. As it happens, Space 1999 was filmed in Great Britain, where cheesy FX and slipshod production values are regarded as a cherished national treasure!

Yeah, you're right, Dash... It does look like Whoopi Goldberg after a tequila bender...