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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


You May Take My Office, But You'll Never Take... MY FREEDOM!!!


After they swore that the invaders from the 6th floor wouldn't be interfering with our current setup, I've found out that I've been slated for removal from my current digs.

We're getting about a dozen folks moved in from another floor. Crowding is starting to take its toll, and instead of moving these mollycoddled sumbitches out into pup tents on the annex roof where they belong, they took a look at our floor and decided we had too much square footage.

"Oh, no! We wouldn't dream of making any of your staff move! We'll just fit our folks in where we can!"

Damned liars.

As it stands, they're going to build three more offices in the big empty hole previously occupied by our document storage area. I'm not entirely sure where our documents went, but I feel pretty confident that you, the taxpayer, are giving them a nice home somewhere at a premium rate.

Instead of moving the newcomers into the spiffy new offices, me and my next-door neighbor will have to relocate, and let the invaders have our offices. They swear that the square footage won't change, but they swore we wouldn't be moved, either.

Well, I'm not taking this lying down. Time for the resistance to start!

I'm gonna get me a couple of those PLO do-rags, and we're gonna have a two-employee intifada! Car bombs, Qasim rockets and molotov cocktails seem a bit extreme, though. Maybe just a bit of rock-throwing to start things off...