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Monday, June 30, 2008

Moral Dilemma

Water, Water Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink!

There's a crowd of construction types installing new offices just down the hall. Just down the hall, for reference's sake, is about 12 linear feet from my office.

They've been at this since last week. The noise is about to drive me completely bananas.

I'm not completely opposed to loud noises, but these come with no rhythym or regularity, so they're really jarring. Whether they're sinking nails into the concrete floors with a nailgun, or driving drywall screws into the framing, it's all ridiculously annoying. Add to that the random application of circular saws, drills, sanders, vacuums, and all manner of other electrical devices, and I'm about to have the top of my melon peel off and leak brain matter on my carpet.

I suppose these guys are working hard, 'cause they stop and slurp out of the water fountain directly across from my office door.

I never EVER use that water fountain. When we first moved to this floor three years ago, the fountains all had a big sign reading "NON-POTABLE WATER! DO NOT DRINK!!"

Since that time, the building management assures us on a regular basis that the problem with the drinking fountains has been rectified, and that the water is perfectly safe.

Naturally, no one believes them. The bottled water selection in the break room coke machine is always the first to sell out, and pretty much all of us carry in our own water.

So, should I tell these guys that the fountain water might just cause tentacles to grow from their spleen? Or do I remain quiet and hope they'll all come down with cholera, giardia and amoebic dysentery and grant me a few days of silence?

Decisions, decisions...