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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One Foot In The Grave?

Oh Mama, We're All Geezers Now!!

I went to a birthday party last night. Been a while since I've been to one meant for someone over the age of 5.

My old friend Dan from high school was turning 40. 'Tis the season for that sort of thing, it seems. I'd gotten an email a couple of weeks previously from his wife, setting up the scene for a surprise party.

There turned out to be quite a crowd. There always is when Dan's little brother is there with his family. I tried to count how many kids he and his wife brought, but they move really quickly. At least 6, maybe 7. Add to that my friend's two rugrats, one more toddler from the French horn player from this story, and we had a certified herd o' young-uns. My ears are still ringing...

My friend Boo-Boo was there, he was a year behind us in high school. He was fresh off a trip to Spain & Switzerland. The Mad Scientist phoned in his regards from Princeton or Rensselaer or wherever he is. Stymie, Zibig, & Eublie were unfortunately MIA.

The surprise guests were my ex-girlfriend from high school, who I hadn't seen in a dozen years or so, along with her husband, another alumni from our high school. Seeing her was a decidedly odd experience. We've each changed so much there was no point in any idle wondering of "What If..." or anything like that. It was pretty clear two years out of high school that things had run as far as they possibly could. Still, it was good to talk with her and be able to fall right back into that comfort level of easy conversation with someone who once knew all your secrets.

We had the shindig at his parent's house. They still live three blocks from the high school, and are the most gracious hosts you can imagine. We feasted on comida del Mexeeko and chatted until almost midnight. His parents pulled out snapshots of our band geek posse that are now almost a quarter-century old, and it was amazing to see all those full heads of hair and trim waistlines! I'd forgotten about the toga party pictures...

A couple more months before I roll the odometer myself. I may have to do a "Back To Our Youth" shindig, but most of our old hangouts have disappeared! Even Astroworld has been plowed under...