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Friday, June 13, 2008

Things I Crave, Part 346

Wish In One Hand, $h!t In The Other, See Which One Fills Up First...

I want one of these in the back yard... I've been craving one ever since I first saw one outside the Museum of Natural History in Houston many years ago.

The globe balances on a thin cushion of water supplied by a submersible pump. A child can easily rotate it in any direction, though stopping it to reverse course it a bit tricky!.

I'm a bit of a map & geography nut, I've got hundreds of paper maps, some quite old. My favorite globe is one from the pre-WWI era, it's a bit old & ratty but shows a world long passed into history.

These globes aren't cheap. I can only imagine what it must cost to ship a 4000 lb granite sphere.

Ah, well. One of these days...