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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Slump

I Want To Lie In A Pool Of Super-Chilled Lime Jello

Jeebus Crisco, but it's hot outside...

I was supposed to be walking over to Castle Anthrax to see some legal folks about possibility of having some of their flying monkeys vigorously sue some ignunt pissheads who appear to be incapable of understanding that adherence to certain ordinances isn't an optional activity.

It's gotta be 8000 degrees outside, though, and I can just as easily go over in the morning before that sphere of burning gas 93 million miles away manages to work up to "roast" from "slow simmer".

I'm feeling a certain ambivalence towards cranking out blog content, and judging from what I've seen up and down my blogroll, so are y'all. So, do we all take a week off, or what?

I've got a couple of good posts in me, but I have to say I'm somewhat reluctant to publish them when my total reading audience consists of 8 Blowneyed Blodgers, 3 random visitors, and a handful of perverts following a Google search for "Flaming Shit Sack".

Ah, well. We'll just have to see what happens. You never know, I might just have to do a cat food taste test again.