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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where The Rubber Meets The Rod

Get Your Kicks With A Ruger Speed Six!

I put some new grips on the .357 Magnum Speed Six, and it wasn't a tenth of the hassle that repairing the Vaquero turned out to be.

I found a Hogue Monogrip on eBay. It's not the exotic hardwood fingergroove grip I was wanting, but it'll do the job, and it's a fifth of the price. I think I paid $15 including shipping.

Installation was uneventful. The hardest part was knocking out a rollpin from the grip frame. The Ruger Blackhawk's Monogrip is virtually identical to this one, but it has a channel molded in for the roll pin to slide through. I suppose there just wasn't room in this grip for that to work.

The grip will help to tame the ripsnorter rounds I'm ordering from Buffalo Bore Ammo, much more so than the factory wood stocks, anyway.

I do feel a slight bit of unease, purely from an aesthetic perspective. The rubber grip completely changes the character of the revolver, pulling it deep into the era of modern firearms. I'd read somewhere that the wood-stocked Speed Six had a Victorian look to it, and in truth, if it weren't for the stainless steel construction, you could toss it in a pile of Adams, Pryse, Tranter, and various Belgian and British bulldog revolvers, and it would pass largely unnoticed.

Ah, well. Performance over looks isn't all that rare in the world of firearms. Usually you have to pay an arm & a leg to get both in the same package!