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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Giving Good Gookie

Hey, At Least There's No Colander On My Head...

On days where I'm strapped for an idea, I can usually count on Elisson to have something fun brewing.

Today, it's the Gookie, the famous face pulled by Harpo Marx. Looks like this:

Anywho, Elisson's idea is to have a bunch of bloggers pull a Gookie, and post the results online whilst tagging other bloggers to join in the fun. Here's his Gookie: (sorta, anyway...)

I blog anonymously, and planting my phiz online ain't such a good idea. In addition to making my mug known, (more than it already is, anyway) it runs the risk of having the few remaining cathode ray tube monitors shatter upon facial impact.

So, we do the next best thing, and post a reasonable facsimile!

El Capitan:

El Capitan con mucho Gookie:

(It might be time to trim the beard & 'stache...)

OK, the tag...

Honestly, I don't know who's got cameras or the willingness to do this silly thing. OTOH, it would be highly amusing to see Nelly & her chickens do a group Gookie, Jerry & his feral barncats also do a group Gookie. Maybe also Walrilla and Running Behind doing an office Gookie, and Ms NancyFrance doing a garden Gookie just to round things out.