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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Slow March Of The Yellow Peril

Wish You Could Bottle This Crap & Sell It As Glue...

What is it with me & holidays? Every time a day off of work rolls around, some part of my anatomy decides to crap out and sideline me for the duration!

I picked up a case of the Creeping Yellow Crud last week. Started off slow, just a tickle in the throat and a sniffle every so often.

As of dawn today, it's progressed to a sore throat, wads of sinusbutter being horked up regularly. and most interesting of all, a new vector of drainage, a constant stream of goo from my left tear duct. It's not so bad while I'm awake, but after a couple of hours of fitful sleep, you wake up with that eye almost glued shut.

No fever to speak of or phlegm rattling in the lungs, which are the usual "Go see a doctor" triggers. No doubt that's probably in my future, right about the time our friend Gustave dumps 17 inches of rain on the roads.

Well, time for more Gatorade. More later, perhaps.