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Monday, August 11, 2008

Stairway To Hell

I Would Really, Really Like A Muscle Relaxant Right Now...

Godalmighty, my thighs hurt today. I got up to go drain the lizard, and nearly had to hold on to my desk to keep from falling over...

I live in a mostly stair-free environment. I live in a one-story house, so no stairs there. Houston is on a coastal flood plain, which means no hills to speak of for miles around. My office is in a high-rise with elevators, and even healthy & fit people don't climb that many stairs. I might encounter a short flight of 3 or 4 steps going in or out of a retail establishment, but that's about it.

So, when faced with an out-of-order escalator yesterday afternoon, it didn't even occur to me to avoid it and seek an elevator. After all, it was going down!

It was one of those double-length escalators, equivalent to going up or down 3 stories. I went galumphing down, and got to the bottom no worse for wear. I did notice a slight tightness in that big front thigh muscle, but thought nothing of it.

This morning, I felt like I crawled down this set of steps:

It would probably behoove me to start seeking out some stairs every so often to keep in practice, just so I don't cripple myself going out on a social event like the theater or ball park, where stairsteps are in abundance!