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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zee Svedeesh Mooser!

Bork Bork Bork!!!

Oon seeghting a muuse-a in zee deep vuuds dooreeng hoonteeng seesun:

Furst, yuoo unsleeng yuoor reeffle-a. Next, yuoo get oooot sume-a certreedges, 6.5 x 55mm is zee prefferred lued fur a Svedeesh Mooser! Zeen, yuoo oopee zee bult ooff zee reeffle-a, und stooffff 5 certreedges in zee megezeene-a. Yuoo cluse-a zee bult, luedeeng zee furst ruoond, zeen settle-a in tu get yuoor seeghts oon terget. Leene-a up oon zee muuse-a, zeen du nut pooll zee treegger. Insteed, velk oofer tu zee muuse-a, und stert smeereeng it frum huuff tu untler in chuculete-a sooce-a. Effter ell, zeere-a's nutheeng better thun chuculete-a muuse-a!

OK, that bit was run through the Encheferizer, a web gadget that translates what you write into something said by the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show. Here's the translation...

On sighting a moose in the deep woods during hunting season:

First, you unsling your rifle. Next, you get out some cartridges, 6.5 x 55 mm is the preferred load for a Swedish Mauser! Then, you open the bolt of the rifle, and stuff 5 cartridges in the magazine. You close the bolt, loading the first round, then settle in to get your sights on target. Line up on the moose, then do not pull the trigger. Instead, walk over to the moose, and start smearing it from hoof to antler in chocolate sauce. After all, there's nothing better than chocolate moose!

Why the sudden detour into things Sveedish?

'Cause I saw this beauty at Collector's Firearms yesterday:

Mmmmm, that lovely blonde wood stock! Ain't much prettier than a 96 year old Swedish blonde!