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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Calm Before The Storm

I Don't Think I Have Enough Beer...

I went out for one last look-see before the rain starts. Winds are increasing, and there's already a light scattering of broken branches out in the yards.

I drove around the neighborhood and out to the main drag just to see what, if anything, was still open. On Gessner from I-10 all the way to Clay Road, everything was shut tight except a Schlotzsky's sandwich shop, a taqueria, and two convenience stores. I found one gas station on Beltway 8 open in that same N-S stretch. No gas, but they were selling beer, pretzels and Slim Jims at a rapid pace.

I took advantage of the opportunity to grab a couple of sixpacks. Let me state for the record that Shiner Black Lager is an outstanding offering from the Spoetzl Brewery, and should give Shiner Bock a fight for which one is Shiner's tastiest beer.

Not a lot of traffic on I-10 or the Beltway. I suppose those that are getting out have already left. Lots of cops and constables out roaming the streets, too.

I'm going to go sit on the porch for a while and have some more of this tasty beer and watch Ike roll in.

More later...