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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obligatory Weekend Post

Ike's Aftermath Is Still Making Life Difficult!

Sorry to leave y'all hanging yesterday. They had to shut off the water in the building, and that's one of the "pack up & go home" occurrences, according to The Man.

We had the option of working from home (working on a nap...) or going to one of the POD sites to volunteer. See, The Man can get federal $$$ to reimburse payroll if we're volunteering, so we were strongly urged to do so.

At any rate, it's the right thing to do, regardless of FEMA perks, and I've been light on my non-paid civic duty this year. So, I moseyed over to the POD at Second Baptist @ Voss & Woodway to see if they needed any help flinging ice & MRE's in people's cars.

Alas, by the time I fought through traffic to get there at 12:45 pm, all that was left were several empty truck trailers and stacks of empty pallets. I got home and found out that the POD sites had been moved further NW and SW that morning. So, I did indeed indulge in a lengthy afternoon nap.

I was able to get the old trailer frame removed from the side of the garage, where it has been slowly decomposing for a few years. It's the remains of the old family pop-up camper, and my plan was to turn it into a custom camping rig. SOB weighs about 800 lbs, and between the cluttered garage, my laziness, and the price of gas (towing drops my MPG to around 8-9), the chances of me completing the project wavered somewhere between Slim & None.

One of the hillbilly kids from next door wanted to know if he could make a BBQ trailer out of it, so since the fence separating our properties was currently in pieces, it was not difficult to get it shifted. Actually, it was incredibly difficult, but not for me... I was napping at the time! Hahaha!!

I'm heading off in the morning to go see what's up at the POD over on Pinemont. More later...