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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Water Damage

Someone Stomped A Mudhole In My House's Ass...

I forgot to tell y'all about the aftermath of the front yard water leak...

The Man's Water Dept. gnomes finally capped that leak off, and did about 4 times the yard damage that I expected. This shot was taken after they'd dumped in several cubic yards of mud to refill the gaping hole they'd created. It's a shame Code Enforcement frowns on swimming pools in your front yard... All I needed was $500 worth of gunite and a few flagstones, and I was mostly there.

The Man's minions have since come back and laid down a pallet of sod, but that tipped-over sapling will never be the same. Right now it appears to be dead as fried chicken, but I won't know for sure until spring, when it either re-buds or I yank it out and plant another one.