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Friday, September 12, 2008

We Don't Like Ike

I Need To Go Buy Some Beer...

First, Ground Zero was Brownsville. Next, it was Corpus Christi. Ol' Ike's got one heckuva slice, though, and that storm track curled right up to center somewhere close to Galveston & the Houston Ship Channel. It looks like Ike's gonna come marching straight up I-45, and rip through downtown before curling off into east Texas and points north.

We got cut loose from work yesterday at 3 pm, after moving all our computer equipment and confidential files into the interior offices. In spite of the double-pane windows of the highrise I work in, a multi-window blowout back during Tropical Storm Allison still resonates in people's memory.

We're off work today, by order of The Man. Well, we're "working from home", but since I declined to put my home number on my out-of-the-office phone message, I don't expect I'll get much traffic. The morning forecast has a high probability of sleeping late, followed by leisurely brunch, and there's a 40% chance of afternoon napping.

It was a bit insane last night trying to get some gasoline. Every station I passed inside Loop 610 was sold out, and even the tiny 2-pump Mom & Pop convenience stores that litter NE Spring Branch had a long line of cars waiting to fill up. I took a gamble on outlying supplies being better, and with 1/8 of a tank remaining, headed for far NW Houston. I cut my plan short when I passed a station being serviced by a tanker truck. They had gas for sure! $70 bux later, it was off to find some dinner.

My Poptart and canned tuna supply is stocked, and as pictured below, I have enough bottled water & buttwipe to last until December. So, it's shelter in place, and ride this bad boy out.

I'm not too worried about flooding, and the wind won't blow a Volvo through the front windows this far inland, but I do wonder about the trees outside. That monster oak that does such a good job of shading the house could do a lot of damage if half of it lands on the roof. Oh, well. It was thinned out last year, so that should help...

Good luck to all my fellow Gulf Coasters! See y'all on the dry side!