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Friday, November 07, 2008

Cat Fight

Hanging On By A Claw

Did you know it costs $80 to shave a cat?

An unexpected ally turned up in a friend that works for a veterinarian. There apparently is a way to mostly de-cat a house to make it liveable for the severely allergic without actually removing the cats.

It would involve (in no particular order...)

Shaving the cats twice a year
Bathing them weekly
Confining them to two rooms
Moving all their accoutremonts into those rooms
Knocking a cat access hole in the walls between the rooms
Removing carpet in the rooms and installing tile floors
Training cats to sleep only on towel or blanket covered places, then laundering the towels and blankets weekly.
More frequent filter changes for vents.
Cedar planks under the bed or any other cat lair to repel fleas
Etc. and so forth.

I'm not too wild about having the kitties restricted to two 12' x 14' rooms for the rest of their days, but it beats the piss out of a 2' x 2' cage at the SPCA shelter!

So, the fight goes on for now.