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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Foul Doggerel

I Blame Barnacle Bill For This...

The Mayor blamed the Council for City problems still unsolved,
Most pressing being the desperate need to get their ashes hauled!

Hizzoner was a fondler, and liked 'em young & clean,
The Controller was high roller on the local bondage scene.

Fire Chief Brown would go down on anyone with blow,
Judge Wilsted liked being fisted with a bottle of Old Crow.

D.A. Ramsey boffed a ham she'd warmed up in olive oil,
Captain Bode blew his load dressing as a little goil.

Martha Faye from District A got her jollies banging goats,
Inspector Roth always got off with his unit stuck down throats.

Parks & Rec would grope & neck in all the City pools,
Solid Waste would add their taste by floating out their stools.

Librarians would raise some funds by selling filthy books,
Food Safety Clerks would ask for jerks from local restaurant cooks.

Councilman Larry liked 'em hairy, and smelling a bit like poo,
Secretary Edith matched the speed with cheetahs at the zoo.

Wastewater crews banged like shrews and lived for golden showers,
Public Works always lurks, then race out to jizz on towers.

"What can we do?" asked Public, John Q., "amidst this lust & sin?"
"Don't even ponder!" said Hizzoner. "You'll vote us right back in!"