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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Refund Denied!!

Don't The Bastards Know That April 15th Is Buy-A-Gun Day??

I finally got my letter from the Infernal Revenue Service letting me know they're keeping my refund for their own nefarious purposes.

Actually, it was not entirely unexpected. I knew they were going to have their filthy hand extended for a payment on my 2002 tax debt that's been festering on the books.

So, bad news is no money from Uncle Sugar this year. The good news is that my outstanding balance is only $120. Six Jacksons. That's all.

I could cut 'em a check today and have that off my shoulders. Or, I could continue to stall, trading $20 in interest for the pleasure of another year of the one-finger salute at the IRS.

Shouldn't be too hard to guess which one I'll select...