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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When Corporations Try To Be Cool

It's Like Your Dad Wearing A Speedo At The Waterpark...

Humor website had a good post up recently about the crash & burn attempts by Corporate America to sell their products as hip & edgy.

I mean, if you're a dull & boring multinational, and you KNOW that you're a dull & boring multinational, how transparent is it going to be when you hire the latest hiphop thug to shill your product? Even toy companies who sell to kids constantly can crater upon occasion, like Mattel's attempt to turn Barbie's boyfriend Ken into a hip, stylin' dude, but ended up with Cock Ring Ken instead!

No, true guerilla marketing can't be planned for. It's got to be something that drops out of the blue, and is either pointless, tasteless, useless, or all three at once.

Something kind of like this:

No, it won't talk me into buying their product. I had a few too many pallet loads of Mill's Beast in college to ever have another one. OTOH, I'm amused enough by their "commercial" that when my young cousins come asking for cheap beer recommendations, I'll give the Beast the nod!