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Monday, April 27, 2009

Delicate Plumbing

It's All That Lean Cuisine... Ain't Quite So Lean Upon Leaving, Is It?

The toilet down the hall just flushed for the 22nd time. I've been counting.

My new office is situated so that the women's accessible restroom is not 20 feet down the hall. Therefore, I have a ringside seat for the non-stop string of females that don't want to walk to the regular terlits on the other side of the floor, but prefer the solitude of the single-hole facility.

Apparently one of our delicate blossoms just deposited a gopher-sized grogan or some sort of hygiene product, 'cause the poor sap from Maintenance has been plungin' & flushin' for 20 minutes now. It's starting to grate on my nerves, to tell ya the truth.

Ladies, if you'd just remember your Zappa lyrics, this wouldn't be a problem!

"Well, my toilet went crazy
Yesterday afternoon
The plumber he says
"Never flush a tampoon!"
This great information
Cost me half a week's pay
And the toilet blew up
Later on the next day!" - 'Flakes'