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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'd Rather Be Waterboarding

Another Long Overdue Book Review!

Just finished reading 'Banquo's Ghosts', a spy thriller written by Rich Lowry & Keith Korman. I heard about it on the Hugh Hewitt radio show, and picked up a copy via eBay.

It's got a pretty good mix of timely source material. Craven political hacks, evil Iranians, clueless liberals, torture, gunfights, escapes, bloody demises, and a shitload of radioactive material in a major American city.

It's an exciting page turner for most of the book. It's not perfect, there's a bit of uneven prose here & there. I'm sure if the authors do another book or two, it'll smooth out. Still, it was a fun read overall. I'd recommend it.

One thing the book reinforces is the sure knowledge that no matter how much we bend over backwards to make the world love us, there will *always* be those that will make it their sacred mission to do us harm. The Appeaseniks out there would do well to remember that.