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Friday, May 01, 2009

There's A Party In My Pants!

Panther What You Wear On Your Legth

I am the worst clothes shopper ever. Not that I can't buy clothes, I just do it so rarely I fall completely out of practice.

Not having a wife around to nag me about frayed cuffs and ragged seams, I tend to wear my trousers until they self-destruct. My Primary Pants and my Emergency Pants were just about at the end of their tether, and overdose of Oxy-Clean combined with a bright red shirt spelled the end of my Weekend Pants, at least for anything other than yardwork or a task not requiring public display.

So, I bit the bullet and ordered 4 more pair of casual pants from the mail-order Big & Tall & Round clothing outlet.

When you're a Corpulent-American and you buy pants once a year, you often have to order the pants, wait for 'em to arrive, try them on and promptly send them back for the next larger size. I guess all those salads I've eaten in the last few months haven't been in vain, I didn't go up a size. While these new pants aren't exactly loose-fitting, there's the capacity for looseness. That's encouraging, somewhat.

Of course, they won't be fully integrated into the wardrobe until one or both of the cats rolls on them for an afternoon, embedding thousands of cat hairs that will resist all efforts at washing and tape-rolling to eradicate. I'm sure they'll barf on a pair just for good measure. That's how they roll...