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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Toad Abode

There's Amphibians In Our Midst...

For some reason, a common weekend activity around Casa Capitan involves moving boxes, bins, bags and bushel baskets from one room to another in a vain attempt to create an extra 200 sq. feet of floor space. It never quite works out.

I've got to be more judicious in what ends up in the garbage bin, and what ends up back in a box. There's really no reason for me to continue hanging on to 45 lbs. of assorted Student Congress paraphernalia from college, yet I am just unable to send all that paper to the rubbish bin. Same for boxes of old magazines. Oh, I'll gleefully pitch most of the National Geographics, but the National Lampoons? Not on your life...

Then, there's all the videotapes. Obsolescent as a rotary telephone, but I haven't yet replaced at least 70% of the collection with DVDs, just due to the cost involved.

I never did find that toad that snuck into the house last month. I keep thinking I'll open a closet door, and find his dried-out carcass wedged inside. I'm fairly certain the cats didn't eat him. It's possible he's eating the kitty kibble, and bathing in their water dish. I'll have to stake out the cat bowls some evening with my blowgun. It proved quite effective at nailing cockroaches to the walls in that verminous old house up in Arlington. It should tack a toad pretty efficiently.