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Monday, May 11, 2009

Truckus Suckus Yuckus

I Need A VW Dune Buggy. No AC, & Fix It With Pliers & Bondo.

Got the truck back today, and it's still not running right. I still get that nasty vibration around 45 mph, and while it smooths out between 50-55, it starts to get rough again over 55, making highway travel an iffy thing.

It may well be that a new set of tires fixes everything. The skids on it right now are almost worn out, and they're those big offroad mud-flingers, so you know when the big lug treads wear down, it's gotta throw things off.

That's my hope, anyway...

So, this weekend should see me in a new set of highway tires, balanced and aligned. I didn't want to buy them until I got the OK on the engine. No use putting new shoes on a junkyard rig.

The A/C is nice & cold, so while I'm puttering along at 45 mph, at least I'm cool & comfortable...