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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Even More Foul Doggerel

Asking For Original Content On Hot Days Can Be Perilous...

Ode To A Product Of The Chicago Machine

Once long ago in the Land of Lincoln,
Lived a man whose digits were stinkin'.

He rarely washed his hands or his feet,
and indulged himself with a daily treat!

He'd sneak up behind some fellow Illini,
and ram a finger deep up their hiney!

Sometimes he'd decide to insert a toe,
but that usually led to tales of woe.

'Cause a finger poke could be withdrawn quickly,
'but a toe caught in a bunghole got really sticky!

He continued his perversion with no one the wiser,
because who would suspect the Community Organizer?

He parlayed his skill at ass-poking and running,
to a career in the Senate, a feat quite stunning!

The sky's the limit for a man with sphinctery skills,
even when you vote "Present" on most of the bills.

He bum-poked the frontrunner on the national stage,
and she fell by the wayside, shrieking with rage!

He charged towards the finish, sure of his winnin',
though a good chunk of voters still thought he was Kenyan.

And now he's the leader of these United States,
With his hand firmly grasped 'round the national prostate.

That lone finger became a fist up our national bum,
and it's gonna be there for the three years to come...