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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Be Prepared!

Another Win For The Rainmakers!

Boy Scout Troop 642 has had its share of critics over the years.

"It's run like the military..."

"It's too strict..."

"They spend too much time on drills and not enough on having fun..."

Sometimes there's a point to learning the basics of Scouting until they're second nature...

From yesterday's Houston Chronicle:
Houston Scouts help get ill leader to safety
July 25, 2009, 10:42AM

A group of Houston Boy Scouts made heroic efforts to carry their Scoutmaster down a mountain after he became seriously ill in the Colorado wilderness, officials said.

Donald Leever, 58, a Houston dentist, remains in fair condition at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango, Colo., after a dozen Boy Scouts from Troop 642 based at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church carried him in a makeshift basket out of the Weminuche Wilderness Area.


“Certainly, this individual's condition warranted quick action,” Knowlton said of the Scoutmaster's illness. “I believe they used their training and came together as a group of people and a group of Scouts and started making their best efforts to help their leader.”


The troop has a long history, having existed for more than 52 years and has about 75 to 125 Scouts per year. More than 400 boys have achieved the rank of Eagle in Troop 642 — one of the highest numbers in the nation, according to the troop's Web site.

I don't often blow my anonymity on this blog, but in this case I'm going to make the exception.

Troop 642 is my Scout troop. I'm one of those 400 Eagle Scouts from 642, and today I am very proud of those boys and the high standards they are still held to.