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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Looking For Mr. Goodwrench

Someone Please Pass The Valium!

I'm supposed to depart for the Blownstar Blogfest tomorrow noonish. It's now 3:30 on Wednesday, and my truck is still over at the mechanic's, and so far there's no word.

I'm completely unprepared to leave. Haven't given a thought to packing, and fortunately I've got a good supply of booze already. No idea where my camera is, and I'm sure I've got laundry to do.

I'm also getting hammered by Mom to drive over to San Marcos Saturday for Gracie's 2nd birthday. Assuming I'm either in Bandera/Kerrville, it's not a long drive, but who knows if my BAC level will permit a day trip? I hate to miss out on any of the blogmeet, but Gracie is an awfully cute niece.

Stress levels are peaking... It'd be really welcome for the dice to roll my way for once.