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Monday, July 06, 2009

Weiner Dog Envy

I Like The Long, Skinny Fuzzy Ones!

I got to spend some time Saturday with a long hairy weiner! I stroked and fondled it! It climbed up my leg!

OK, it was a long-haired dachshund, if you want to be precise about it. It belonged to one of the Cisco Kid's neighbors, who brought it along to the BBQ/poker party.

I've always wanted to own a dachshund or two. Maybe three. This guy has a fine example of the smooth-haired weenie dog, but I'm inclined towards the long-haired variety.

Dogs are a lot more work than cats, though, and I'm definitely the lazy type. I don't know how much of a dog-walker I'd be, and I hate the thought of a backyard full of doggybutt landmines.

It's a moot point as long as the cats are around. They're too old to have to put up with weenie dog pups gnawing at their tails and chasing them through the house. The cats couldn't even escape under the beds or couches! Weenie dogs are engineered to dive right under there after them!

Oh, well, maybe in a few years...