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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!

Please Report This Fishy Info To The White House!

There's something that must be said...

To Chris Matthews, who got a load of sand in his vagina over a man who legally carried a gun outside a town hall meeting...

To Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, aka Queen Sheila, for taking a cell phone call at the podium of a town hall meeting while a constituent asked you a question...

To Rep. Gene Green, for requiring town hall meeting attendees to show a photo ID to enter, though you voted against a law requiring photo ID for voters...

To Rep. John Conyers, for not seeing the point in reading a 1000 page bill that he will be voting on,

To Glenn Beck, for your continued unmanly histrionics and general crybaby attitude,

To William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson, for getting convicted on 11 counts of public corruption,

To the SEIU, who should add jackboots to go with their purple shirts,

To Jerry Jones, Bud Adams, and Drayton McLane, just on general principles,

This message is for you!