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Monday, September 21, 2009

New Shoes Blues

I'd Go Barefoot If I Had Prettier Toes!

Part of the problem with being a bachelor is there's no one around to nag you about your grotty old clothes.

I'd pretty much worn out my old pair of Rockport boat shoes. Bought 'em who knows how many years ago, and they'd progressed from respectable to somewhat suspect to "Oh dear Lord, is that a possum hide wrapped around your foot?"

Well, I retired them this weekend, replacing them with... another pair of Rockport boat shoes.

I actually had to wear some socks this morning. The new leather's a bit tough on my ankles. I imagine it'll take a month or so to get 'em fitted to my feetses, then about a year before they really get comfortable.

I bought a pair of Crocs, too. All-black, no vent holes. I'd intended them for weekend and around-the-house wear. Comfy, but you look like you're wearing a Thermos on each foot. I can't bring myself to appear in public with them just yet...