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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

More Photoshop Phun With GuyK

It always starts out the same...

Someone posts an innocent picture on the Internet. In this case, it's GuyK napping with his poodle:

I see the picture, and I just get the urge to merge... To insert a fellow blogger into great works of art. I just can't stop myself! First, it was Jimbo, now it's poor Guy!

I do hope Guy's wife Sweetthing forgives me for putting him in a compromising position with a couple of nekkid shameless strumpets...

Source Image: Death Of Socrates by Jacques-Louis David

Source Image: Haymakers by István Csók

Source Image: Le déjeuner sur l'herbe by Édouard Manet

Source Image: The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau

Source Image: Sleeping Beauty by Maxfield Parrish

Source Image: The Naked Maja by Francisco Goya

Source Image: Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth